As B-cell epitopes play an important role in vaccine design, clinical diagnosis, and antibody production, a limited number of prediction models for linear or conformational B-cell epitopes have been developed [1, 2].However, due to the easy operation of linear epitopes in experiments, it is highly desirable to develop accurate prediction models for linear B-cell.

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Epitope prediction

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Identified properties of B cell epitope includes hydrophilicity, flexibility/mobility, accessibility, polarity, exposed surface and turns. Quantification of these properties is determined by assigning a value to each of the 20 natural amino acids. T cell Epitope predictions using bioinformatics (Neural Networks and hidden Markov models) PowerPoint Presentation. Neoantigens are important for cancer immunotherapies or cancer vaccine development, but identification of neoantigens is challenging. The high binding affinity between the mutated peptide and MHC (major histocompatibility complex) molecules of the patients is a necessary factor for a somatic mutation on the tumor genome to form a neoantigen. MHC.

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Immunoinformatics is a science that helps to create significant immunological information using bioinformatics softwares and applications. One of the most important applications of immunoinformatics is the prediction of a variety of specific epitopes for B cell recognition and T cell through MHC class I and II molecules. This method reduces costs and time compared to laboratory tests. In this. T1 - Epitope prediction methods. AU - Karosiene, Edita. PY - 2013. Y1 - 2013. N2 - Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules play a crucial role in adaptive immunity by sampling peptides from self and non-self proteins to be recognised by the immune system. MHC molecules present peptides on cell surfaces for recognition by CD8+ and CD4. conformational epitope: Adjacent amino acid strings at different points in a folded protein, making a complex site to which an antibody can bind. Conformational epitopes are less stable than LINEAR EPITOPES , a fact that explains why some allergies are outgrown in time. Allergies, such as peanut allergy, in which the antibody (IgE) binds to a.

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Linear B-cell epitope prediction. ABCpred and BepiPred servers were employed for B-cell epitope forecast. We used a threshold value of 0.85 to achieve a sensitivity between 95.5% and 99.5% for epitope prediction on ABCpred server . The length of linear B-cell epitopes normally varies from 5 to 30 residues. Epitope mapping of complex target antigens is often challenging because of the difficulty in expressing and purifying these antigens. We have developed a novel method to predict antibody-binding epitopes on antigens. Our method has.

CTLPred is a direct method for prediction of CTL epitopes crucial in subunit vaccine design.In direct methods the information or patterns of T cell epitopes instead of MHC binders were used for the development o f methods. The methods is based on elegant machine learning techniques like a Artificial Neural network and support vector machine.

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